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30 July 2009 @ 05:14 pm
Dear Cloud Gray  
Title: Dear Cloud Gray
ChanKhun, light R, one-shot, AU, romance, fluff, humor, 878 words
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the words I have written and ideas behind the words.

A/N: The second part, second Dear Cloud's album Gray. The idea is stolen from The Kirlian Challenge, so you might want to see what that is about.

This turned around really different from the first album. It was my meaning, but I didn't think that it would be as different as this. It's the same band, so I thought that I couldn't write it that differently. Apparently I can. Oh, and first time writing 2PM.

Please enjoy, if you can. Because I don't like them~


Dear Cloud - Siam

The touches they share are soft, easy, daily. Eyes ask from each other; 'Are you happy?' and they answer with simple smiles. Is it fun to hide behind closed doors? You can hear laughter and see flustered faces afterwards.

They tangle each others limps, leave breathy moans, try to edge closer and closer, little by little, until you see shared stars and desperately try to get even closer. Their own little world, filled with unseen galaxies and hundreds of stars and suns.


Dear Cloud - 부탁해

It wasn't easy at first. Secret glances when they would see each others. They soon learned names, the name tags made it easy, no questions asked. They wouldn't dare to say a word, two somewhat a kind. One silent, cute, and the other tall and loud. Shy around each other. It was a coincidence that they had had the same shift one night.


Dear Cloud - Lip

The game of mice and cat had been going around for a quite long time. Their friends had seen all of it from the start. All it took was a little push (who no-one made, of course) to right direction and a suddenly locked door of the shops storage room. Akward it had been at first, until the younger one decided he couldn't take it any more. He was courageous, he had pressed their lips, bodies together. Shyness was soon gone.


Dear Cloud - 늦은 혼잣말

The days at work had never been as exciting and dangerous they both soon found out. Trying to work around each other was not as easy as it could have been. Temptation was too great.

Weekends were reserved for them, two of them only. Jealousy from friends, but the moments spend together were almost intoxicating. How could you learn to yarn someone, someone's touch, breath, words? They would touch, talk and play for hours. Learn more thing of other, dwell in deeper waters.


Dear Cloud - Never Ending

Vocations had come atlast. They had gone for a little trip to countryside. They gone by train, stayed in a small and cozy hotel. Their phones soon filled with pictures of laughing selfs.

During days they would go to markets and walk around, nights they barely sleeped, too passionate to try to stay off from each other.


Dear Cloud - 거짓말

After a half year of running from apartment to other they both were bored. Trying to find apartment for two was hard work. They had had fights over it already, but there were no evidence of the relationship breaking. When they were mentioned with their friends they were always the two, couple Nichkhun and Chansung. Not one without the other. It was wonder, everyone agreed.

First night at their apartment. Everything was out of place, but there was a bed pulled together. It felt like home already then.


Dear Cloud - 나를 안아 ('05 Home Recording)

Apartment of their own gave them freedoms. When everything had been put in order, month or so after, they soon noticed how hard it was trying to keep their clothes separated.

There was headless races because of the clothes, one trying to get their own ones back. More than once they ended on the sofa in the living room, panting and struggling. Soon enough they would be panting from totally different reasons as Chansung had pressed his lips to older man's neck.


Dear Cloud - 나에게만 너를 말해주기를

When they had been together for a year they had a small celebration with their friends. It only took couple of hours, during the day. Nichkhun had never thought that the younger male could be said being a romantic one. But when Nichkhun saw their apartment lit in candles and a gorgeous looking meal on the table he couldn't believe his eyes.

They didn't touch the food, because Nichkhun had been so demanding, but that fitted for them. That was their night, just for the two of them, they could spend it in any whay possible. Chansung had made sure that all the candles were off before returning to bed, back to his almost sleeping angel.


Dear Cloud - Daydream

Sometime after the first anniversary they had come to conclusion. They would have to tell parents. As far they had been saying thing like "Oh, he is a colleague" or "We are studying together" when there were questions asked. Neither lies, but not nearly all there was.


Dear Cloud - 비밀

It was sometime after both families came to know each other properly. Realisation was taking it's time to take, but neither of the boys mom's were stupid. It was one phone call from Chansung's mother to Nichkhun's to get the point through the whole families. "We are not going to get grandchildren. How come I didn't realise it sooner?"


Dear Cloud - La La La Song

During three years things had changed. Both got out from university and got their careers on the start. The thought had been first Nichkhun's, but it didn't sound bad in Chansung's ears either. When they were going through papers of the matter, both in the edge of crying because there were too many papers to fill up, it was said from Nichkhun "Is getting a baby really this hard?" "Only if you think so" as his answer stated.


A/N: Wait for Kirlian challenge, for it shall be hear before long. You have been warned.
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beckbebeckbe on September 2nd, 2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
This is like a poem to me. Beautiful.
One by one step to describe their lovely relationship. You're so clever.