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09 September 2009 @ 07:25 pm
Mister Sunshine and Rainy Days  
Title: Mister Sunshine and Rainy Days
No pairings, PG, drabble, 298 words
Disclaimer: I do own this piece, do not steal. All of this is from my head.

A/N: Yes, I'm back! I've wrote this awhile ago. I was going to meet my friends and travelled to our destination by train. Wrote this (and couple of other thing) along the way. Enjoy~


There were there great days, filled with delightful sunlight. Those days went past fast, smiles on everyone's face. You wanted to experience everything at once, you couldn't wait for more. These days made you smile no matter what, and that smile spread from people to people. Your smile had sun in it, it made others feel warmer, like at home, little bit less lost than they were.

Talking is something you do too. Those days, with smile on your face, you would say a compliment or two to people with miserable faces. Say a couple of words with a smile on your face, lighting up a light that had been lost somewhere along the way.

There were these little actions too, open a door to a woman or help someone to carry their bags, with that smile on your face. You got couple of 'thank you's back and a smile as for reward. Someone asked why you are doing this. You smiled as your answer and left them wonder.

One would say you were charming, but with a smile on your face you would decline the kind words and return them with the sweetest smile.

There were days with clouds too. Your smiles were not as easy to get those days. Someone could say that it is good to think about yourself and not help everybody. You would almost comply, but say something like 'helping is as rewarding as seeing people smile which is more delightful than seeing them sulking'.

On rainy days you don't go outside. Rain is beautiful and refreshing, but even though it is beautiful, there are drops of tears on your cheeks on those days. Rain took someone dear to you away, someone close. It also took a lot of pain away, but you seem to be in pain even though.


A/N: Be waiting for a series of drabbles. I started doing them a couple of days ago and I really didn't mean to do many of them, but as I go and walk in the city, go to school and sit in the library I see things need to be written. I don't know if I do a good job writing them, but I try.

The Kirlian Challenge sort of isn't going to happen. I got 1/3 ready and then the album caused a migraine and I was forced to stop. The 1/3 I got done was really, really hard to do too, so you probablywon't be seeing it here. Sorry.
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