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11 July 2010 @ 03:02 pm
Broken But Loved  
Title: Broken But Loved
Narsha/Gain, Gain/OC, NC-17, AU, romance, drama, smut, 1860 words
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the words I have written and ideas behind the words.
Challenge: monthly challenge at unniefic 

A/N: I got to do the challenge this time, yay~! See more info of the challenge this time over here. The dialogue I chose to use from the list I have bolded.

This whole thing is inspired by Brown Eyed Girls music video & song Abracadabra. It is sort of spin off from the video and goes on along with the lyrics. Sort of. I don’t know. Watching the music video before reading helps.
Quite a lot of flashbacks. Just to warn you. And it just got longer and longer. I wasn’t planning this to be long one.
Hope you enjoy this one ^^


When Narsha walks in that evening and sees Gain doing her toe nails with a distant look on her face she knows what has happened. When Narsha walks closer and Gain flashes a fast smile to her she is certain. Gain concentrates to her nails and Narsha decides to go on, even when she too thinks things might start going on too fast.

Gain looks up surprised when Narsha is coming closer, but figures out she is only going to sit down with her. When Narsha’s fingers touches her face she thinks that the other is acting strange again and doesn’t care. When Narsha lifts Gain’s chin to look at her Gain is startled and pushes the chair she was leaning on with her foot. The bottle of nail polish falls and the dark wood gets new layer of paint in the color of dark red.

But the nail polish isn’t seen by them, not the way it sticks to the surface of the chair. It is because Narsha leans in, closer, closer and Gain remains unmoving, not knowing what to do. When their lips touch, at last, finally, Narsha wants to pull Gain closer, but knows it isn’t easy like that. When Gain is still still, unmoving, not responding, Narsha backs of slightly and sits down beside her.


Narsha walks in a cafe she has found recently. They serve good tea and delicious pastries. She orders a cup of her favorite tea and walks to the tables where she picks a table close windows so she can see outside. The window reflects a picture of a pair giggling and leaning to each other. Waiter brings her cup and she thanks her with a small nod and a smile. She turns her head so that she can see them better. Her smile dies on her lips when she sees who they are.

She has heard talks about her friend around, just laughing them off because Gain hadn’t told her about this supposed relationship. They talked about everything. She remembers some of the things she heard. “Gain got caught up with that player, out of all.” “You sure? I hope she doesn’t get too attached to him.” “Oh that poor girl.”

Narsha can see from far away that she is attached to him. She knows that she wont listen warnings, she is certain that she knows him the best. Narsha knows that this doesn’t end pretty and he doesn’t care. She has to do something before things get too serious and they both end up hurting too much. Jealousy has already gotten the better of her.

“Hmmm.” She muses to herself “I have an idea.” And glances at the couple one last time. A silent laugh escapes her mouth and she leaves the cafe before finishing her cup of herbal tea. She searches her purse for her phone and is soon making a phone call. “My dearest friend. I know you can help me.”


Gain stares Narsha for awhile not knowing what to do. She opens up her mouth to ask, but doesn’t get words in the right order so she gives up. Gain decides to just walk away then and stands up pushing the chair further away making the nail polish mess even worse and turns to leave. She doesn’t get far because Narsha grabs her hand and pulls her back “Listen to me. Please.”

Gain looks back at her and stays put on her spot waiting. She doesn’t know what to expect, tries to shut her head and stop her heart beating so rapidly. She doesn’t know why she is reacting like this and why she decides to listen this woman who is now looking like a face she has never seen before. “Sit down. Please.” Narsha asks and Gain sits down mechanically, without thinking. She listens when Narsha tells that she didn’t want things to happen as they did, but she couldn’t help herself. She fell for the younger one without thinking, without her noticing it at first. And when Gain looked so distant here today...

She doesn’t question Narsha when she leans closer again. She knows that the older one knows too what has happened that day. She doesn’t know how but Gain figures that she herself gave it out to her. Her whole appearance gave it up, the way she acted. This time when Narsha is leaning closer she doesn’t wait until Narsha is close enough. She closes up the remaining distance.

When the second kiss starts Gain doesn’t question herself. Perhaps it is because she is hurt when she doesn’t want to be. Perhaps it is because she wants to be close to her, because she wants to be held by someone now.

Narsha isn’t asking in the kiss, but reassuring that everything she told minutes ago is true. Gain is being lead by the older woman and wraps her arms around her neck and pulls her closer. For comfort? For closeness? Gain either doesn’t know. She is just following Narsha’s lead.


He gives her a small gift box. The wrap paper is pretty and colorful and the bow is bit too big for the small box. He urges her to open it and her smile is wide even though the gift box looks familiar. She pushes the thoughts of his last gift from her mind and opens the box. She stares at the neckalce in the box. She knows that she has been wearing the same kind since the morning and now has the urge to rip it off.

“You don’t like it?” He asks and receives a small nod from her. “What’s with your reaction? Smile! Put it on! Let me help.” She laughs unbelieving and looks up to his eyes and back to her hands still holding the necklace “I’ve already got similar one” He looks at her eyebrows arched up “You gave it to me sometime ago.” “Really?”
She thinks she knows what this means but doesn’t it want to be true.


Narsha’s hands start exploring Gains body with soft touches. Gain moves her right hand to Narsha’s long hair messing it up and massaging her scalp. Narsha’s hands get more daring every second and Gain breaks the kiss to breath, to look at the others eyes and after seeing Narsha’s eyes she has to look away, not in fear, but to control herself. Narsha is moving her right hand to hold Gain’s left one and then moving it to her chin where it travels under her shirt to cup her breast softly. Gain shivers from every touch and soon enough she is again closing the distance in between them and urging the other to continue.

Gain brings her hands back to the others neck and finds a zipper on the back of the others dress and starts pulling it down to free the other from the one-piece clothing. When she gets the zipper all the way down and lifts her hand to drop the dress down from the others shoulder Narsha stops her “Gain-aa...” but before she can continue Gain has claimed her lips with her own and Narsha goes along and gives the other what she is asking.


She has been waiting patiently already for half an hour. He isn’t picking up his phone, isn’t answering her messages. She waits a little bit more and she sees a familiar figure walking in the crowd. She steps up from the seat she had taken and starts moving closer.

She stops on her track when she sees him with someone else wearing the necklace he tried to give her a week ago. And then he leans closer to the other woman and kisses her. Gain stands there for a while before walking away. She isn’t crying, because she knew that something like this would happen sooner or later.


Once the clothes has been forgotten on the floor Narsha finds out how Gain has forgotten to be shy and isn’t really as innocent as she looks. The influence the man had had on her is noticeable when they move against each other just feeling and learning each other. When their bodies touch naked for the first time Narhsa is ready to give everything up for the feeling. When Gain’s hands start roaming all over her - a little bit unsure - she wants the moment to last for forever.

Narsha cups Gain’s breasts naked and leans in to give each a kiss, Gain arches of the sofa to feel more of the heated touch over her nipples. Narsha plays with the soft flesh of Gain’s chest and sneakes her other had downwards, scrabbling the younger ones stomach before reaching to its destination. When Gain feels fingers entering her and exploring her insides she arches of the sofa again and presses her hips to the hand. Then she stills for a moment before she can think of moving because the pleasure caused by the fingers inside her and Narsha’s tongue on her nipple. Before she realises to pull the other closer and move her hands to a same kind of exploration as she is receiving.

When Gain presses a finger inside Narsha she stops her motions on the others breasts and pushes to the fingers. When Gain push in another finger and starts moving them and growing more confident after every move Narsha moves closer to Gain’s lips before attacking them. They are a mess on the sofa, their limbs tangled together and they try to get closer. Gain is gripping Narsha’s hair with force and pulling her down to her. The pleasure is building up and the noises they make are growing louder by the minute. They curl up together as they reach their climax almost in unison.


She is sitting on the bed she knows so well and now hopes she had never fallen on it with him. He is walking around the room and looking at her. Her face isn’t telling him much, emotions unseen on the surface. And suddenly she starts laughing silently and asking “Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me?” Her tone getting colder, rougher towards the end. And she keeps laughing.

She gets up from the bed, walks to a table silent and grabs the necklace she had been afraid to take off. She pulls the necklace powerfully and it gives up, some pearls rolling to the floor creating a rhythm to her words. “Don’t come after me. I know you won’t even try.” She places the broken peace of jewelry to the table and walks away.


Narsha leans in for a kiss once more before moving to Gain’s side and wrapping her hands around the other. Gain moves closer and presses few kisses to the others collar and sighs. She is feeling warm and a smile rises to her lips. Narsha feels the smile on her skin and for once she thinks she did the right thing. Gain is slipping to dreamland and Narsha kisses her head before following her. Narsha hopes she can heal the freshly broken heart with her love.


A/N: I’m not good at writing dialogue ;___; Hope it doesn’t fail as much I think it does. And I’m out of practise. Haven’t been writing for couple of months.
Also first time writing ladies together, tell me how you think I managed.

Also a big thanks for the two people who have become a member sometime along the way ^^
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