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29 December 2009 @ 08:41 pm
Title: Crazy
ChanKhun, NC-17, romance, smut, 1674 words
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the words I have written and ideas behind the words.

A/N: This was supposed to be a kind of short thing, written in a couple of days. In the writing and editing process I was this close to giving up because it is so messy and blah. It is still messy and I don't know what to do with it any more... Also, I haven't written smut in ages. I hope it doesn't fail.
Enjoy if you can~


It was something in the way he touched, it had changed. It was as friendly as ever but there was something lingering there, hidden, shy and small. The looks he gave you were the same, but there was something in those eyes that scared you - a little, not much, but it was something that made you feel a bit uncomfortable, conscious, aware.


Nichkhun is trying to find a bottle of juice from fridge. Kitchen is crowded right at the moment, conversation flowing with laughter and sudden shouts. Nichkhun smiles when he hears new imitations, but not much of reaction and a burst out laughter. Suddenly Nichkhun feels a hand on his lower back and glances back seeing only a little bit of a profile of Chansung before he moves towards the counter right beside the fridge and his hand is lingering on, touching gently or is it just Nichkhun with wild imagination? The only thing Nichkhun can hear is humming sound drowning everything else under. And then Nichkhun can hear again, the touch from his lower back gone, disappeared. There are chills going on all around his body and he is just standing there, looking at the fridge before someone tells him to shut the door if he wasn't getting something from there.

Chansung's lips accidentally meets his. They are on the hall way, both equally surprised as their lips meet when Chansung closes the door of their room and Nichkhun is going to get something really quick from the room. They don't collide, it is just the faintest touch. Nichkhun is surprised when Chansung isn't pulling away, isn't moving and suddenly his lips are moving on their own accord and Chansung is responding. They are kissing desperately until they hear shouts from living room to get back quickly before the movie begins. Chansung is pulling away and Nichkhun graps his hand desperately. Their eyes meet before Chansung pulls his hand away and Nichkhun has forgotten how to breath. He is standing there in the middle of the hallway alone, before he hears a new shout. Before his feets start working again.


Now the way he touches has changed entirely, he is either trying to stay away from you or trying to be all over you for fan service and your heart is beating a tad faster when he is closer. The first contact with his lips, the hand you held on his shoulder, the noise he made... It's all imprinted in your mind, never leaving you alone, he disturbs your sleep, he is everywhere when you don't want to see him and nowhere when you need him.


Chansung is close, but Nichkhun can't touch him. Chansung can't hear him when he speaks. Chansung is walking in a dark tunnel, Nichkhun is following him like a puppy that is lost, which he think he is, because Chansung is so tall and he can't get near to him, what ever he does, how fast he runs, how hard he shouts. And then Chansung turns to look at him, smiling and suddenly there is a sky, birds flying at the same level as they are and Chansung is turning back to the direction he was walking to and jumps over the edge. Nichkhun runs to the edge, but Chansung is already so far away and Nichkhun can't grasp his hand. Nichkhun is trying to shout, but there is no sound, the birds chirping in the background.

Nichkhun jolts wake, his eyes scanning the room for a while before he recognizes the place he is. The blanket is tight around his angles and Nichkhun tries to hear if there is another person in the room. No sound of breathing apart from his own, no-one in the upper bunk, Chansung sleeping in the living room again. Nichkhun is alone with his still rapidly beating heart.

Chansung pins Nichkhun to the wall and even before the latter manages to ask what is going on Chansung has pressed his lips mere millimetre from Nichkhyn's ear. A short moment Nichkhun swears he can feel Chansung's tongue on his earlobe and then Chansung's lips are moving towards his lips leaving couple of kisses on his cheek. And Nichkhun melts when Chansung's lips finally come in contact with his and Chansung is massaging his sculp. It is slow and asking and Nichkhun gives in enjoying every movement of their lips against each other. Chansung takes a step closer bringing their bodies fully in contact and Nichkhun hums in agreement and lifts his hands to Chansung's shoulders. The kiss is slow and turning more and more lustful and soon Nichkhun is moaning to the kiss.

Chansung takes a step back and Nichkhun tries to pull him back, closer again. Chansung takes another step and Nichkhun is left behind. He is all alone, again.


You think you have finally lost your sanity somewhere along the way. You can tell from the sound of steps who is walking, or more like it either is him or isn't. You can hear his breathing louder than anyone else's and it gives you chills. You can recognize him from a big crowd, from just a quick glance. He doesn't seem to notice, nor anybody else, and you are grateful, but then again you can feel his eyes on you when he is looking at you.


Chansung is sitting on the sofa, alone, the apartment empty. Nichkhun walks to the kitchen and sees Chansung spacing out. He walks to the sofa and suddenly Chansung is looking at him, straight in the eyes with almost a blank stare. Nichkhun grows irritated, has grown a long ago "I don't care what you are trying to do. You drive me crazy and I don't really know what to do with you..." And Chansung is pulling Nichkhun down to his lap with almost apologetic look on his face and kisses Nichkhun with sincerity and Nichkhun is melting again.

Now there are hands massaging his scalp and his lower back again. Strong hands that are pulling him close, closer. And Nichkhun places his hands on Chansung's chest moving them and suddenly Nichkhun isn't the only one reacting so easily as Chansung tears his mouth from Nichkhun's and tries to breath. "Then you obviously don't see what you are doing to me" And Chansung is attacking Nichkhun's neck and Nichkhun smiles.

Chansung pushes Nichkhun to the sofa, laying on top of him, friction delicious on their groin and one of them, or possibly both are moaning and suddenly there are too much clothes and shirts are flying over their heads. Chansung is kissing Nichkhun's chest, teasing, biting, licking the skin when he gets rid of Nichkhun's pants and his own. And Chansung climbes on Nichkhun again and bodies touch naked, and Nichkhun is pulling Chansung down, licking his throat. Nichkhun adores the body above his, the heavy feeling of flesh against flesh and the salty taste on his tongue are driving him insane of want.

The fingers are only a discomfort, slowly moving and the look on Chansung's face is causing Nichkhun to shiver just slightly. When the fingers disappear Nichkhun can only whimper and he is pulling Chansung closer, the kiss soft, assuring. Chansung covers himself and leans closer and is filling Nichkhun. The discomfort and pain Nichkun feels is almost unbearable, but Chansung is caressing his face, trying to hold still and kissing him gently. Nichkhun tears his lips from the kiss and grips the sofa, his knuckles turning white, tries to breath, to relax and Chansung kisses the side of his neck, moving slowly again, getting there painfully slowly which causes Nichkhun to shiver, his breath shatter. Chansung stills, fully inside Nichkhun and tries to catch his own breath, failing miserably when Nichkhun moves slightly in discomfort. Chansung's hips move on their own accord and Nichkhun makes a surprised sound in the back of his throat which sounds almost like a moan and Chansung doesn't still the movement of his hips. Nichkhun is gripping his hair and panting, suddenly lifting his his right leg on Chansung hip, to get closer, to feel more.

Chansung changes the angle of his thrust and Nichkhun is arching his back, gripping on the sofa with his right hand and holding Chansung's arm with his left one, nails digging into the flesh just slightly. It's the strangled moan Nichkhun makes to make Chansung sure he hit the place he was looking for. Chansung sets the pace - slow, deep, delicious and Nichkhun underneath sounds desperate and Chansung's name escapes from his lips more than once. Nichkhun tries to get Chansung going faster, harder - anything, but the pace is set and with every demanding word Chansung's thrusts gets just slightly rougher edge.

Chansung touches Nichkhun's ear with his right hand and leans in to kiss away a tear that just appeared from Nichkhun's eye. Nichkhun moans, twists his head to give Chansung more space, and Chansung bits his neck lightly, hand roaming down his torso, barely drawing lines with his nails on the chest, abs, before fingers curl around Nichkhun and Nichkhun is throwing his head down to where the pillows were. Chansung moves his hand slowly to the pace of his hips, adding pressure every now and then, but to Nichkhun it's too much to handle all in one. It's too much and Nichkhun doesn't want it to ever stop but it's too good and all he can do is to grip Chansung just feel, pull him closer, moaning his name, and it ends too soon but it's sweet and good and then Chansung comes inside of him and he can't suppress the moan and tries to muffle himself to Chansung's shoulder just in time to hear the soft cry of Chansung's right into his ear. Chansung tries to keep himself from crushing Nichkhun, but Nichkhun is making it hard because he is trying to pull Chansung closer again.

And now Nichkhun isn't alone because Chansung is there kissing him sweetly and lingering on the kiss and pulling him towards the bathroom and Nichkun can't help but smile and follow.


Also I just found out that Foofaraw is already a year old, yay~! Be this for the celebration that never happened. You can also think this as a (very) late Christmas present, if you want to. And as a celebration for the beginning of a new year. Ummm.... Would there be anything else to celebrate? :'D

Comments are greatly loved, especially when I think this fails~
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